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We are committed to the continual development and innovation of new ideas within the software engineering, autonomous AI, data modeling and electronic engineering domains. We're proud of our contributions towards the free sharing of knowledge and actively seek to grow our research projects into other fields and production ready products.

Design & Development

Currently we're expanding further into the design and development of software solutions in the security, finance and insurance sectors. We're actively engaged in the design and development of information sharing systems and high concurrency, low latency data exchange systems. Araluc takes you from project inception to completion, by utilizing a wealth of in house knowledge in a wide range of areas.


Araluc currently provides hosting services for several clients. We can provision large scale enterprise ready solutions from provisioning hardware for high performance data modeling, compiling and many other uses where a good knowledge of hardware specifications is fundamental to getting the job done. By utilizing up to date frameworks and agile methodologies, Araluc can get you up and running, to your specifications and on or below budget.


Worried about the security of your software, your data, your servers or your website? Araluc can perform professional penetration testing, isolate potential security flaws and advise you on improvements, recommend suitable replacements or even carry out hardening for you. From encryption ciphers, memory block and leak testing to e- commerce, Araluc has the expertise to ensure you're protected.


Utilize our consultancy service within software engineering and development. We can provide extensive knowledge within the fields of software development, data analysis and enterprise architecture to deliver your projects on time and within budget. Operating within the bounds of agile methodologies; by using iterative design and implementation while being platform agnostic, we will deliver beyond expectations and within budget.

Training & Education

Araluc is committed to the continual development and innovation of new ideas within the software, electronic engineering and autonomous AI fields . We support the continual improvement and ideas behind MIT's OCW Initiative and contribute towards various knowledge sharing initiatives.


Projects, services, current and past clients.


Design and development for your project, enterprise or company.

Startup Framework

Website design and delivery to VPS and Cloud solutions.

Security & Penetration Testing

Araluc provides penetration testing and security advisory services.


The story so far...

  • 2011-2013

    Our Humble Beginnings

    Frustrated with the slow pace of technology adoption and of modern working practices, coupled with the economic recession in the UK and the world at large. So many opportunities were squandered as companies started looking inwards instead of innovating. The climate forced some of us to look outward, and if cost cutting was the flavor of the day then so be it. We seized the opportunity and started adapting technologies discarded by research projects, turned them around and put them into production.

  • August 2013

    A Company is Born

    On the 8th of August 2013, Araluc LLC was formed. Opportunities had expanded exponentially and after three very successful sales and project deliveries, it was time to speed up innovation. Araluc had embraced Open Source and had become platform and language agnostic in order to deliver fast and effective solutions to a wide range of clients. We entered the consultancy market and started providing services to IBM and Oracle. Drawing on experience gained from CERN and various research papers, we were able to provide expertise in large scale data modeling and high concurrency, low latency systems.

  • July 2014

    Araluc Goes Global

    By 2014 it became clear that the economic climate was picking up and yet more opportunity on the horizon. To capitalize on this, Araluc needed to become global, and needed to be central. To take advantage of the eastern economies, Europe as well as maintaining a foothold in the USA, Araluc relocated to the UK and was registered as Araluc Ltd. At this point Araluc entered into the security business, the business of keeping data private and controlled. Drawing on experience in Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and cryptography, we are engaged in designing and developing systems that guarantee and provide millions with the ability to keep data secure and control on how it is shared.

  • June 2015

    Phase Two Expansion

    Araluc is branching out! We're looking to rapidly expand our operations directly into Europe. We want to branch out and extend our software development capability. We want to diversify even further and capitalize on opportunities within Europe. We're looking to expand our capability into security systems; high concurrency, low latency systems; frameworks and data modeling systems; artificial intelligence and robotics, specifically autonomous drones and their applications.

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